Not every gay couple is going to find this an issue and will be OK about compromising but I think it means more to me because after so many years in the closet, I am no longer willing to hide who I am.
Why shouldn't a gay couple be allowed to have a family of their own? Surely a child with gay parents is better than a child with straight parents who argue constantly and end up getting divorced.
Living our lives we run into, work with and connect with so many people and sometimes, if we are real lucky, we make a true friend... Which brings me to my question. What is a true friend? Is there anyone in our life that we can call a true friend? As we get older it gets harder to make new friends. When we are young we have so much more time to make friends than we do as adults.
Businesses risk breaking the law if they refuse to offer their services to gay couples getting married, the government's
Children brought up by gay couples are healthier and get along better with their families, according to the initial findings
If I had a pound/dollar for every comment I'd had from a man saying they want to 'get in between' my partner and I in bed, or told me I was some sort of 'abomination' by a stranger, or heard some guy say they want to try to 'turn' us to make us straight my rent would be paid this month.
On Friday, a bill opening marriage and adoption to same-sex couples passed the French Senate, following a week of intense
Civil partnerships offer almost the same rights as marriages, but the problem is inherent - they are civil partnerships, not marriage.
It takes a lot of courage to say what you really think; it takes even more courage when you are the President of one of the most powerful countries on earth, addressing the world. On the 9 May 2012 President Barack Obama became the first sitting US president to back same-sex marriage, marking a significant historical, political and cultural moment.
Home Secretary Theresa May has given her backing to the campaign for gay marriage, the day after the government confirmed