Apple has lost out in the latest round of legal battles with Samsung over the right to sell its controversial Galaxy Tablet
The Kindle has been the device that has lifted Bezos' Amazon to the next level. The pocket-sized e-reader has allowed the company to build technological skyscrapers on its online retail foundations.
What bothers me most about this is the implication that Apple believes it leads the market on style rather than substance. Some people will always be prepared to pay a premium for Apple's cosmetic appeal but they're in a minority.
Apple have won the tablet battle - but there are wars elsewhere in the technology market still to be won.
These televisions are televisions with Internet access, which enables you to use the TV as a portal for all manner of online services. Surf the Web, share email or access any supported video-on-demand service, including YouTube. And much more...
Suppliers to Apple Inc have reportedly begun production of the lower-priced iPhone 4. The Reuters news agency cited two sources
Android, the mobile platform owned by Google, now accounts for nearly 50 per cent of the global smartphone market, according