Sandie Shaw

We talk political voting, Sandie Shaw and skirt-rips with the Making Your Mind Up singer.
I work as Chair of the Featured Artists Coalition, which has spawned the International Artist Organisation. Together we represent the rights and interests of European music artists and creators. The EU is currently working on the Digital Single market. This is essential to our future. It is the future. An artist's job is to break down barriers, tear down the walls that separate our shared humanity. We are intrinsically international. We have never thought of ourselves as being isolated from the rest of the world. Our innate desire is to bring people together, to create community and union. We are the modern day explorers and pioneers.
The Eurovision Song Contest is upon us once more, with its motley crew of participants from around 'Europe' making their
My relationship with Eurovision has always been ambivalent. There were so many bad memories as well as good ones associated with it... Particularly as the BBC of the time presented their cold face of moral rectitude in censuring me for being named in the divorce case of someone I believed I was engaged to and who turned out to already have a wife. Rolf Harris, his manager, his director and the BBC conspired to have me removed from his TV show in which I was presenting the six Eurovision songs to the viewers. They did not want me to harm his reputation as a family entertainer...
But moaning about posh popstars and the inevitable response from the media of championing "real artists" is a self-perpetuating cycle. For every Mumford and Sons, there's a Jake Bugg waiting by to call them out on their accents.