The problem with the name 'Lord Lucan' is that it's just about one of the most infamous names in Britain; in fact it's more than just infamous, it has become a standing joke. On Spitting Image, the Lord Lucan puppet was a regular staple, and I can vividly remember a sketch which had him riding Shergar, the kidnapped race-horse.
Over the years, I have come across many bizarre theories about what might have happened to the 7th Earl of Lucan - and of
Few stories in the world have attracted quite so many crack-pot theories as the fantastical disappearance of Lucky Lord Lucan
I know, I know - as one of the leading Lord Lucan pundits, it's been egg on my face, utter humiliation, and also the distinct possibility of being asked to reconsider my position, perhaps with the aid of a bottle of whisky and a pearl-handled revolver.
Friday marks the 40th anniversary of the disappearance of fugitive peer and murder suspect Lord Lucan. It was a chilly November
There are many obscure and bizarre theories floating around out there about what might have happened to Lord Lucan after he disappeared in 1974. That is why this incredible mystery has turned into such a fantastical myth. But even so... the weird ending of ITV's latest Lord Lucan two-parter - Lucan - was, well, one hell of a stretch.
For better or worse, Lucan is a part of our culture. It's unfortunate, but there it is. How ever distasteful it may be for his family, Lord Lucan is now public property, and it would be facile to pretend otherwise. Though Lucan may be their father, we all now have a share in him.
It's very rare to hear this from a journalist, but there is one story out there, one huge monumental mystery, which I hope will never be resolved. I am talking about the greatest and most enduring mystery of the 20th Century: The Lord Lucan scandal.
Has there ever been a murder mystery story quite so compelling as the Lord Lucan scandal? The reason this mystery continues to fascinate is not so much because of the tragic murder, but because we are still captivated by one single dominant question: what on earth happened to the Seventh Earl of Lucan?
A mysterious "boyfriend" could have been living with Lord Lucan at the time the family nanny was murdered, and the 7th Earl