Every football fan knows that the best route to a derby victory is the one that inflicts the most dismay and humiliation on the opposition... only thing that we can be reasonably certain of right now is that Pochettino's preferred eleven, when it settles down in the autumn, will bear little resemblance to Saturday's line up.
Tottenham midfielder Sandro has revealed the players held a fraught two-hour crisis meeting following Saturday's heavy defeat
Perhaps what gives this slick-haired, glasses wearer, funky t-shirt loving character, a likeable edge, is his Mr. Nice Guy nature, determination and ability to always keep his cool throughout the dramas and tears of reality TV show, Made in Chelsea, making him a great man date to have a drink with.
Sandro, Paulinho, Jan Vertonghen and Younés Kaboul gave Tottenham a quadruple boost as they returned from injury in a behind
Parisians usually avoid tourist spots as they much more enjoy to be part of the local life of their neighbourhood and have their habits at the same bakery and cafés. Their ordinary routines are entangled within the traditional clichés of Paris and create this unique and authentic atmosphere.
Whether you're a Tottenham fan or not, everyone loves Sandro. He's an old school midfielder, sporting, a passionate fan when
Despite the unkind kick-off time, Tottenham and Manchester United produced a stimulating hangover cure at lunchtime. Traditionally
Even some non-Tottenham fans love Sandro. So pity the poor Brazilian for having the bejesus frightened out of him by teammate
There's something reassuringly old-fashioned about Scott Parker as a footballer; the unflappable side-parting, the perma-grass-stained knees, the affection for bone-shuddering challenges.
Tottenham midfielder Sandro has undergone surgery after suffering a knee injury in Saturday's 0-0 draw at QPR. Sandro after