Santa Cruz

It took two tranquiliser darts to subdue the young male.
Santa Cruz has a thriving art scene which was impacted by the literature, music and fashion coming out of San Francisco and the Bay Area. This iconic California beach town will be celebrating the 50-year anniversary with exhibitions and more.
Police are said to be 're-examining' the death of a bar owner who was dating the prostitute accused of killing Google exec
A high-class prostitute has been arrested on suspicion of murdering Google Executive Forrest Timothy Hayes by injecting heroin
Five people have been killed after a lifeboat fell from a cruise ship in the Canary Islands. The ship's operator - UK-based
At least four people are dead after an major earthquake in the South Pacific ocean shook the Solomon Islands, triggering
This saucy surfer is in for a whale of a shock. Whilst paddling in the ocean near Santa Cruz, California, the bikini-clad