Sarah Brown

Friday is the Day of the Girl - a moment to recognise that children, especially girls, despite their own enormous determination, often face insurmountable challenges to fulfilling their potential. They face wholly undeserved social, cultural and economic barriers. Although there are more obvious girl-specific barriers, in much of Africa malaria is one of the greatest single obstacles to the fulfilment of a girl's potential - and one of the cheapest to remedy. Not only is it one of the biggest killers of children under five (around half a million children a year in Africa), but for those who survive the bout of malaria, it can be recurrently debilitating for years afterwards.
A picture is worth a thousand words - and the images of Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani schoolgirl shot by the Taliban, as
Addressing stunting can break the cycle of poverty and have significant social and economic impacts on the development of nations. However, at the moment the scale of stunting means that more than one quarter of the world's children cannot reach their full potential.
Gordon Brown has denied he volunteered permission for The Sun to publish a story on its front page saying his child had cystic
Today is International Women's Day and for me it has already gotten off to quite the start. I opened the London Stock Exchange this morning alongside 49 other UK businesswomen, which showcased the talent and success of women in this country.
Amid all the complaining and bragging about who was ranked higher than who when it was published last week, some women on Twitter pointed out that "only one woman made it into the top 20 at all."
Gordon Brown has earned more than £1.4m since he stepped down as prime minister, with much of his income coming from touring
A mother will always fight for the best for her child; we must fight for the mother so she can do this. And by working together we can achieve this.
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Gordon Brown has spoken out against what he described as "politicised" parts of the British press, which
Getting pregnant is still a phenomenally dangerous thing to do in a country like Sierra Leone which still does not have nearly enough qualified doctors or midwives; or Afghanistan where women and children pay a heavy price from both the conflict and their own low social status.