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As I got up from the sofa when she had finished, she noticed that my abdomen went into a cone shape and told me that I probably had a diastasis recti and I would need to get proper treatment for it after the birth of my baby if I wanted it to heal.
There are just weeks to go until this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, but one person who probably won’t be tuning in to watch
Studies show, statistically if you have been friends for seven years it is likely to last a lifetime. Yet, I'm a different person to who I was at 21 and some of the people I knocked around with then aren't here today. That statistic doesn't always bode true with me.
Television presenter - and Huff Post blogger - Sarah Cawood has given birth to a baby boy - 8lb 5oz Hunter. The first-time
Expectant mum Sarah Cawood has blasted Stacey Solomon after she was caught smoking at seven months pregnant. The TV presenter
It was ridiculously naive of Stacey Solomon to think that she would not be discovered: after all, her little indiscretion took place outside a tv studio where there are always paps lurking: Stacey you plonker.
It was a big weekend for Little Mix this weekend. Winning the X Factor, being considered for the Olympics opening ceremony... I just hope that they are having the chance to stop and take stock a little, to smell the roses, to enjoy being at the centre of such an incredible experience because it may be over all too soon...