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Read more on The Huffington Post Labour MP Sarah Champion has warned that the “floppy left” is afraid of speaking out on
'Labour will tackle all forms of discrimination,' she says.
Dawn Butler has been appointed as Labour’s new shadow women and equalities spokeswoman, HuffPost UK has learned. Highly rated
'Child protection is something the whole country needs to take responsibility for, regardless of politics.'
Read more on The Huffington Post Labour MP Sarah Champion has vowed to continue campaigning for child abuse victims despite
Had this article been written by an MP from any other political party or someone like Donald Trump or Nigel Farage, what would the reaction have been? The fact that the article has been penned by an MP from the proudly anti-racist Labour Party is reason enough to be shocked, nevermind the fact that the MP is the Shadow Minister for "Equalities."
all women everywhere It's important on Mother's Day that we recognise the contribution that mother's make to the UK economy, both in terms of their place in the labour market and the value of their investment in the UK workforce through paid and unpaid care. Yet we know that since last Mother's Day, according to the government's own estimates, 54,000 mums have been forced out of work due to maternity discrimination.
all women everywhere The economic discrimination suffered by Black and Minority Ethnic Women (BAME) is an intolerable, yet sadly tolerated, reality of British life... If Theresa May is serious about her government building "a Britain that works for everyone", a good first step would be ensuring that all new policies are implemented with full regard for black and minority ethnic women, instead of leaving those who are already struggling even worse off.
Our time at the compound was running out so we spent the last half an hour in the processing room where prisoners are first taken to be charged.  This was a very different atmosphere, partly because it was a much smaller room, but it also seemed to be more menacing. The judge immediately looked uncomfortable when we walked in...
Today is marked by activists and survivors with rage and disbelief, and ultimately a sense of frustration. Another year has passed and across the globe millions more women and girls have been brutalised or killed at the hands of predominately male perpetrators. Violence against women and girls continues to be at epidemic proportion. Returning to this day, year on year only to feel aghast and ashamed at the sheer scale of gender-based violence will do little to change the plight of women and girls across the globe. What we need to do is prevent the violence from happening in the first place.