sarah champion

'Children are regarding porn as a lesson in how to have sex.'
A Labour MP has called for sex education lessons for children to include learning about online porn and the dangers of sexual
This morning I sat in my first Shadow Cabinet meeting. As I looked around the table at the other Labour MPs set on making our country a better and more fair place to live, I had to stop from pinching myself. How had I, a working-class girl who was the first in my family to go to university, ended up as Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities?
The Economist is perpetuating the idea that FGM can be legitimised because it's done as a symbolic act. FGM is an act of a patriarchal society and all forms must be viewed as a serious crime.
Three months ago, on 23 February 2016, the decommissioned boiler house at the Didcot power station collapsed. While the reason for the collapse is still unclear, the consequences were devastating as the demolition men were working on the ground floor of the building when the massive structure dropped. Nearly 50 men were injured, four were killed and three of those four are still buried in the rubble. Three months on and three are still buried in the rubble.
Matalan are yet to sign up to the British Retail Consortium's Responsible Retailing guidelines on childrenswear, alongside other high street stores like George, Tesco and Next. As a respected family store, I am asking again for Matalan to remove the bra and reconsider the items they sell and market to young children.
George Osborne's diversion of profits from the 'tampon tax' to support domestic abuse victims has been slammed by a Labour
The term "child prostitution" is being removed from official statistics over concerns it it encourages "victim-blaming" in
We need to make sure that victims are supported to become survivors and that the process of disclosure does not become another horror for them to endure. These are not big asks, they don't cost very much - indeed the costs in not implementing them are much greater. So why have you not acted on them?