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Cross-party group of MPs ask chancellor Rishi Sunak to take action.
Former Tory London mayoral candidate loses seat again to Sarah Olney.
The Liberal Democrats have jumped to their highest poll ratings in five years in the wake of their Richmond Park by-election
Candidate who withdrew tells HuffPost she had no knowledge of donation
The Green Party has vehemently denied its candidate stepped aside in the Richmond Park by-election following the offer of
The Richmond Park result will go down in history as one of the most dramatic for the Liberal Democrats. To overturn a 23,000
Our country needs to heal. And this was a vote for hope. Hope that we can be so much better than a country which looks inwards, turns its back on those who need help the most, and elects politicians who pursue policies of divide and rule. We can, and we must, put our differences aside and work together for the good of our country because when we do, that is when we will see real change. The result in Richmond Park has shown both that a new politics is possible - and that we can make it happen.
Although the new Lib Dem MP Sarah Olney is also against a third runway, I believe the defeat of Zac Goldsmith will send a strong signal to both the Government and Heathrow Airport that the public opposition to it is much less solid than they had expected.
Has the tide turned? Is Sarah Olney the harbinger of a bright new dawn, a better future? Not so fast, my friend, not so fast... The Lib Dems' grande dame Shirley Williams claimed on the eve of the Richmond Park poll that a Lib Dem win would 'change the political weather', just as her victory in Crosby did 35 years ago. I'd love to think she was right. But at least the result should strengthen the resolve of those who want to slow the rush to a Brexit disaster. The battle has only just begun.