France's far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen was spotted last week at Trump Tower, in New York. Whether she was there to meet with President-elect Trump or not, which she and Trump's team declined to say, it is important to understand the danger she and her party represent in Europe.
I've always loved London. I feel it's time to reconnect with its culture and the people. And see my audience again after all this time. Personally, I think London has evolved more than most European cities, it's really one of, if not the most dynamic cities in the world.
Just a month ago, the French public delivered a clear victory for the Socialist challenger François Hollande, in his Presidential runoff with Nicolas Sarkozy.
Enough French citizens believed that it was time for a change and Hollande now has five years to show France the change for which its citizens are longing. If he is able to pull it off, people will remember him more for being a great president than, rather than an accidental one.
The markets have steadied a bit after their loss of nerve on Monday. But you can't help feeling that it is a bit like a climber, sliding down a glacier to his inevitable doom, who breaks his fall for a while on a crumbling ledge that soon will give way.
While Hollande may be elected France's first Socialist president in 17 ‎years, it was under another socialist, Francois Mitterand that the National Front first made ‎headways in response to austerity measures in the 1980s.
Francois Hollande, candidate of the French Socialist Party, is still the frontrunner in the French presidential elections. But he is untested in government.
Mourners wept as they followed a hearse convoy containing the bodies of three children and a teacher shot down in an attack
In 2007, Sarkozy said he would be 'the president of the buying power'. He leaves the country with 10% of unemployment and a debt of 82,3% of GDP. He has not kept his promises, and it's not by throwing up a smokescreen that the French will forget his record.
One year on from the start of the revolution in Libya, Prime Minister David Cameron has promised that the UK would continue