It's not all doom and gloom for social-grant beneficiaries.
The agency was expecting updates from the provinces on Thursday regarding how many beneficiaries were still waiting for their grants.
But the social security agency has said the glitches in its system will be resolved by the end of the week.
Grant beneficiaries have been left hungry and in the cold, as the department of social security fails to get them their grants. Here is the latest.
Grant recipients have been asked to be patient, as Sassa battles to pay out grants to all of its beneficiaries on time.
The repercussions of the South African Social Security Agency's illegal contract with CPS being terminated are still hitting the country's poorest hardest.
Salary increase for puplic servants are already over Treasury's budget, and Eskom says it cannot afford to give its workers an increase at all.
Sassa has asked the Reserve Bank to assist with recovering the monies already paid over.
'The leadership of the judiciary must be able to go through the eye of the needle to mitigate against abuse.'
CPS only has cash reserves to last until May 31, which parties were made aware of in February, the company claims.