A solar eclipse creates two large shadows: The umbra and the penumbra. As it reaches Earth the umbra will get smaller, creating
“This is a metaphor, or a sign, of the work of the Prince of Darkness in obscuring the light of God’s truth.”
Centuries ago, celestial events such as eclipses evoked deep superstition.  And they still do for some people, as a Christian
The Sun newspaper, which faced an angry backlash for its 'mark of the devil' story featuring a four-year-old-boy, has admitted
Vladimir Putin has been accused of being possessed by Satan by a church leader and - possibly worse - called "self-centred
Among the reasons given for signing up, petitioners said: "This paper should have been shut down a long time ago." Another
"A sinister Satan sign that mysteriously appeared on a four-year-old boy is proving a devil to explain," the story starts
A satanic "black mass" due to be held at the prestigious Harvard University has been forced to cancel after a widespread
Work on a 7ft tall monument of a goat-headed demon destined for erection at the Oklahoma state Capitol is well underway. New