Save SA

Duduzane's letter to Gordhan contained a combination of fake news and Bell-Pottinger style innuendos, says SaveSA.
Future South Africa will be launched on Monday following a resolution at the #FutureOfSA conference that civil society would need a broad support base against state capture.
Since former finance minister Nhlanhla Nene was fired, there has been an increase in the public's involvement in protests, says David Lewis.
The weakness of the ANC has always been its ethical standards. That is what the opposition should be attacking.
Our media and civil society leaders are not prepared to face up to the reality that our society is run by the elite, for the elite.
Reverend Frank Chikane told HuffPost SA the consequences of state capture and poverty will damage the future if young people don't help guard SA's democracy.
Various organisations are meeting on Nelson Mandela's birthday to address particularly state capture using tools such as the Constitution.
Is South Africa cursed with bad leadership or is something else going on? Might it be the case that leadership is actually a messy and difficult business?
The #NotInMyName march in Pretoria is planned to "encourage men to rise up" and change "the psyche of masculinity", say organisers.
In a constitutional democracy it doesn't make sense that we have to organise to remind democratically elected leaders of their constitutional obligations.