Schindler's List

A petition for the Royal Mail to issue a stamp in honour of Sir Nicholas Winton has reached over 80,000 signatures. Winton
Channel 5 are broadcasting one of those 'all time top 10' countdown shows tonight and, this time, it's the classical genre
A Country Too Far, co-edited by Rosie Scott and Tom Keneally, is a timely attempt to set the record straight about asylum seekers in Australia, to counter the negative media propaganda and to protest at the government's treatment of them.
Schindler's List was unprecedented in showing a fresh generation of film-goers how the Second World War brought forth both
As Holocaust survivors and their relatives gather on Tuesday to mark the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz
Thomas Keneally is still puzzled by the fervent way in which he is embraced by British readers and critics.
Perhaps I'm biased. I was too close to the situation, too familiar with the suffering, too aware of the impact. Because of this, the idea of two overpaid A-listers profiting from such a tragedy leaves a bitter taste in my life.
A six-year-old boy on his first visit to the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC, could not muster the courage to look at the face of the giant-sized statue of the man who abolished slavery in America. Steven Spielberg's gaze stopped at the hands of Abraham Lincoln. He was quite shaken by the experience.
The RPO are a brilliant ensemble and the thought of hearing the Superman fanfare emanating from their brass section is tantalising. It's always been an annoyance to me that movie scores aren't accorded the same respect as "traditional" classical music.
Amidst the continuing debate on copyright infringement and the whys and wherefores of illegal downloading, The Industry Trust
"He operates by the rules and she operates by her own code of what's right and wrong. I don't think that makes her vengeful
It's possible that poems are unusual as a blog entry, though to my mind they are the most vivid and impactful form of communication
Films are often taking ideas from real life. There are biopics, films based on non-fiction books, true stories (normally