school admissions

I recently saw an advert for 'Right Move' and in particular for its 'School Checker'. The advert made me slightly bilious and in that moment, incredibly angry. I would like to see the terms and conditions of such a service as in my experience 'catchment' is not worth the paper it is written on.
I started questioning whether the school was right for us. I was gobsmacked. After all that agonising, all that thought, I couldn't believe we might have got it wrong. Perhaps the new direction the school was taking wasn't right for us?
Fairness starts with a good education for all; we all know this, as if we learnt it by rote. Why, then, are we in a situation where schools are setting up classrooms on playgrounds, in school halls and even empty offices?
Controversial plans to allow a grammar school to open an annexe look set to receive a backing by the local Conservative-led
Parents face a "premium" of around £91,000 to buy a house near a top state primary school, a new study suggests. Property
All primary-age children are to learn which school they will attend on the same day, under a shake-up that will also see