school cuts

As a former teacher, I know the reality many schools are facing - this patronising investment makes a mockery of claims austerity is at an end
There are 24,316 state schools in England and in all but a very few cases, despite reduced funding, increased expectations and constant pressure, they are delivering a world class education
And 71% say their school will be in the red In 2018.
Mass lobby of Parliament will pile pressure on Philip Hammond ahead of the Budget.
An army of parents, teachers and school workers will descend on Westminster today to demand the Government spends more money
Tory MPs were given a slap down for failing to listen to shadow education secretary Angela Rayner during an emergency debate
Education needs better, fairer funding. It needs stability, not change for its own sake and increased uncertainty. It needs recognition of actual problems and innovative thinking in solving them. This can only happen if channels of communication between all those who have a stake in the education community are kept open. Whoever is in office, we must make sure that the education debate continues.
Five things you need to know on the last day of the election trail