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Yesterday a school in Argyle and Bute banned nine-year-old Martha Payne from taking pictures of her school dinners. She had been blogging about her lunches and her posts were cooking up a storm and attracting widespread media attention. She had also managed to raise £2,000 for for Mary's Meals, a charity that provides school meals for children in Africa.
Martha Payne's fund to help Mary's Meals, a charity that feeds children around the world, has received more than£20,000 in
A council has lifted its ban on a nine-year-old pupil from taking pictures of her school meals after a national outcry over
UPDATE: Argyll Council have lifted the ban on Martha Payne taking photographs of her school lunch for her NeverSeconds blog
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A school fed a six-year-old girl bread and jam for lunch because her mother had not paid a £4 debt, it has been reported