school meals

Labour says child poverty is reaching 'Dickensian levels'.
More than a million children could go hungry in England this summer, according to Labour and charity bosses. The party says
'I found it too embarrassing handing in my token, so I didn't eat.'
Pupils have come out in support of Labour’s free school meals pledge, saying the stigma around the current scheme is so bad
Pupils at a London secondary school face spending their lunch break alone if their parents are late with their school meal
The Almost Ready-made Meal (ARM). What is this thing you speak of? It is a cheat. Neither ready-made, nor home cooked, it is a product dreamt up by rich corporations to get overworked, time-poor parents buying expensive, highly salted food thinking they are cooking a meal.
On Friday 12th July, the much awaited School Food Plan was published; something that I am involved in with the co-founders of Leon restaurants, Henry Dimbleby and John Vincent. It is a huge project and Henry and John have brought together teachers, heads, cooks, caterers, parents, children and government to determine how to increase the number of children eating good, nutritious, hot meals at school.
A furious parent has hauled his two children out of school after dinner ladies refused his son lunch because of a £1.75 debt
BBC Radio Five Live were crusading again last week, their plan of campaign once more heavily reliant upon taking a lazy sound