School Shootings

New video obtained by the Austin American-Statesman shows just how long it took for police to respond to the Uvalde school shooting.
"As divided as our country is, this gun responsibility issue is one that we agree on more than we don’t," said the actor, who hails from Uvalde, Texas.
"I had no idea who she was. She just was carrying on a conversation like her and I knew each other for years," one volunteer said.
"America is killing itself and the Republican Party is looking the other way," Le Monde wrote in a scathing editorial.
The ALICE Training Institute wants teachers and students to confront gunmen. There’s little evidence its approach works.
Autumn in Germany, Mercury in transit and an animatronic dinosaur round out this week's best images.
The suspect, a 16-year-old male student, has been apprehended, police in Santa Clarita say.
His family said Eubanks, 37, “lost the battle with the very disease he fought so hard to help others face.”
Authorities confirmed the deaths of 10 people in the mass shooting. Here are their stories.