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Pippa Middleton has revealed how she used to "undeniably" fancy her school teacher, and sometimes closes her eyes to envisage
Next week is Sports Day, the slip in his book bag told me. Occasionally, I still have nightmares about school PE. They want us to turn up and "cheer the children on". It is reassuringly worded to reinforce a non-competitive vibe ("an emphasis is placed on the taking part"). Then I see there's a buggy race. This sounds like a dubiously worded 'mummies race'.
Cameron has been showing off his rugger skills at a club in Millwall, east London, on Saturday as it was announced school
Some may question the value of PE and school sport citing their own school experiences of poor quality PE teaching in a bygone age. But research shows that physical activity can help to improve academic performance. Indeed specialist sports colleges were often the most improved schools academically in recent years.
In the wake of London's Olympic Games, debate was raging in the media and through online social network channels about figures published by the Sutton Trust, which revealed that over half of Team GB's winning rowers went to fee-paying schools and our athletes were five times more likely to win medals if they were educated in an independent school.
Being a state school boy who became the first British born Pakistani to play professional cricket in the is country, I know the importance of luck; that is being lucky enough to have a sports mad teacher spot you in the playground.
Competitive sports would be compulsory in all state-funded schools in England under Labour, shadow education secretary Stephen
Far from being 'wholly unacceptable', this is why independent schools exist, and we should be thankful for it.
An Olympic hurdler has claimed he would have been a better athlete if he had been educated in a state school, instead of
A 15-year-old girl has died during a school game of rounders. Nicky Payne collapsed at around 11.30am on Tuesday during the