Science Museum

As you walk through the museum's trove of wonders, above the models of rockets and mooncraft you hear orchestral music. It lures you upstairs to a free exhibit called Universe of Sound. Here you can experience classical music like never before.
Electric cars might be widely available, fuel efficient and even popular, but to many people they still sound like a thing
James May Science Museum iPhone App Review One hazard made itself known - concerned parents think that their children were
Professor Stephen Hawking signalled his return to health today by visiting a museum to see an exhibit celebrating his birthday
London's Design Museum recently announced plans for an £80 million move to The Commonwealth Institute in Kensington's cultural
The Watercolours + Works on Paper Fair returns to London's Science Museum (2-5 February - pop it in the diary) for its annual
Poor health has forced Professor Stephen Hawking to miss a second party celebrating his 70th birthday. The renowned cosmologist
These are the rare qualities good engineers must have, but where are the salaries and the status to match? I know of a number of brilliant students who decided to go into "the city", banking and finance, after graduation because that is where the money and the status are. It is not scientists who put a man on the moon, it is engineers