Having taken time off since his rise to success in 2013 to focus on honing his craft, PW has since performed twice at the
Just like the sun, Scorcher returns from his hiatus to bless the UK with some heat! The North London grime veteran dropped his new single Work Get It, produced by Tobi Shy Boy, in preparation for a full onslaught of fresh material from his forthcoming EP 1 Of 1. We caught the low down on his what he's been up.
A rapper insulted by Dappy in his controversial new video I'm Coming (Tarzan Part 2) has made a scathing attack on the former
We all enjoyed it; everyone had their opinions on how Hackney was portrayed. But from my personal experience, there are more young people in Hackney striving for success than are in gangs. It was a good watch and I enjoyed it for what it was - I can relate to some of the issues and the barriers young people face.