Scotland Bill

Legislation granting greater powers to Scotland should be delayed because promises made to avert independence were "hasty
This SNP Government has been in power for nearly eight years. In a historic political context that is an incredibly long time. They have achieved little and are now promising less. Let the new powers coming in the Scotland Bill be welcomed and utilised for the benefit of everyone.
As the Scotland Bill makes its way through Parliament, it's time to start igniting the liberalism of localism; for more of our towns and cities to start marching towards the drumbeat of devolution.
The SNP, according to Scotland on Sunday, is 'furious' about plans for the 'unelected' House of Lords to scrutinise the Scotland
Labour's defeat in Scotland was a political event of seismic proportions. The message of the defeat was that we had lost the trust of thousands of voters. It was not that they necessarily disliked what we were saying; but we had lost the right to be heard. If we want to be heard again, we need to regain their trust. I will work day and night to ensure that we do.
The issue of when Scotland should hold a referendum has been simmering away for months, but David Cameron's intervention