scotland decides

Whilst over two million Scots will be feeling relieved and more than one and half million nursing feelings of disappointment, there will be over half a million Scottish people confessing to having not voted in the independence referendum...
As the hours tick by and we wait for Scotland to decide its fate, Twitter does what it does best... whiles away the hours
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We all know that the Scots didn't really want to choose full independence, don't we? We know that really, deep down, an option for the third way was the best option, right? Whatever happened to devo max? The old way of seeing the world in black or white, left or right, or on this case yes or no, is tired. We've all been tricked into thinking about this as an ultimatum. We've all been played by politicians who tell us the future can only be how they see it. It's not. We need to resist the temptation to try and knock lumps out of each other and draw dividing lines between ourselves.
The undeniable cynicism of justifying fear will leave itself open to detraction. But realism is better than wish thinking. So if you're voting No because you're scared of the risks, be reassured. It's a perfectly reasonable response to the wild unpredictability of separation.