Scotland Referendum

May and Sturgeon are engaged in a high stakes game, with the future of the Union at stake. Neither of them can feel confident that they hold a winning hand. Somebody needs to try something different.
Participation is the bedrock of any democracy and the decision on whether or not the UK stays in the EU will affect us all. In order to obtain true value for money, time, and energy, it is essential that we ensure this decision meets the litmus test of democracy and is made by as many of us as possible.
Rupert Murdoch believes that Scotland will become independent from the UK in the “next few years” and that if the Conservatives
Alex Salmond believes he will get a second chance to hold an independence referendum and next time he thinks he will win
If you expected Alex Salmond to follow Gordon - and leave public life after the independence referendum, you were wrong. He
Pro-independence Scots who claim a biased media convinced the country to vote No in the referendum have reason to again step
A new oil field has been discovered in the North Sea, but Scottish independence campaigners are bitterly unimpressed with
One error of judgment that the outgoing First Minister committed was being lured into a binary-type 'yes' or 'no' referendum. I am sure most of Scotland would have opted for the 'Devolution Max' option had it been available. But that is politics and the 'Better Together' campaign won decisively. So the matter has been settled for now.... Or has it?
Miliband during the campaign But he said there should be a constitutional convention to examine the wider changes needed
Chanting in George Square in Glasgow Roads around the square, which had had hosted pro-independence parties in the days before