Scotland's Referendum

Instead of arguing that we should all remain unhappy in the UK for the sake of futile and abstract 'class solidarity', let's wake up to the fact that Scottish Independence offers the best opportunity for radical change that we on the left will see in our lifetime.
Both sides are claiming victory in last night's crucial first Scottish independence TV debate - though commentators called
Meanwhile, another just quipped: "Kermit. Another cold slimy green union supporter." Another launched into a strongly put
Apart from 2014 being the 700th anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn, the year Glasgow hosts the Commonwealth Games, and that Scotland plays host to the Ryder Cup, the vote on Scottish independence is also being held 100 years after the outbreak of the First World War.
No Wimbledon glory, no pride in one of the most memorable Bond's of all time and a back catalogue of music and sporting achievement
David Cameron has insisted that he is not scared of a TV showdown with the Scottish First Minister in the run up to next
Alex Salmond is not a Scot made of the dour Gordon Brown-cloth, but an altogether gregarious politician, boasting eyebrows
Alex Salmond will announce the date of the Scottish independence referendum vote on Thursday no doubt boosting feelings of
Scotland's position in the United Kingdom has come under scrutiny as the government publishes legal opinion ahead of next
Alex Salmond's dream of an independent Scotland suffered a massive blow as it was revealed the new, break-away country would