Scott Sinclair

It looks like things are back on between Helen Flanagan and her footballer boyfriend, Scott Sinclair. The former 'Coronation
Helen Flanagan has sparked fresh rumours she is back with ex-boyfriend Scott Sinclair after the pair were caught sneaking
Helen Flanagan may have met her reality show match in James Argent. The former 'Coronation Street' star became good friends
It looks like things are back on between Helen Flanagan and Scott Sinclair after they spent the night of her birthday together
Helen Flanagan "I really wanted a baby when me and Scott were together and now obviously I'm glad we didn't have one," she
Earlier in the evening Helen tweeted that she was 'going to get drunk' and judging by her wobbly exit from Manchester's Circle
Moving house seems to have really taken it out of Helen Flanagan... The former 'Corrie' star has posted a semi-naked picture
Helen Flanagan has been accused of using Twitter and Instagram to target the woman who her ex-boyfriend Scott Sinclair sent
Helen Flanagan isn't exactly averse to flashing a bit of flesh (and then some), but followers of her Instagram account got
Helen Flanagan has revealed she wants to get back with her boyfriend, Scott Sinclair despite him being exposed for reportedly