Scott Waddington

If businesses are able to offer a transparent and viable pathway to full-time employment from the word go they will not only gain greater access to the skills they need, but also have chance to nurture the talent they find in a way best suited to them...
As the UK economy continues to improve, so does support for a new generation of employees that are increasingly adopting a 'work ready' attitude to life as they open their minds to the many different pathways to employment now on offer to them.
Spring has sprung here in Wales, and brought with it a number of green shoots in the process. According to recent labour market statistics, youth unemployment (16-24) is falling faster in Wales than in the rest of the UK.
News of an increase in British job vacancies this month came as somewhat bitter sweet to employers, training providers and government agencies, who remain united in tackling those challenges still faced by the UK economy.
As the drive to meet industry skills gaps present today gathers pace we must not forget, as industry leaders, that our young people are looking towards futures in their chosen fields that will far exceed our own, and must therefore be appropriately skilled not just for today but for tomorrow's business landscape too.