Scottish Borders

Poultry farmers have been urged to boost security as tests confirmed the virus was present last week.
Shadow minister says party is guilty of "moral failure" for not defending migrants' rights.
The baby is believed to be just weeks old.
No matter what you try, you just can't seem to get rid of those bags and dark circles. We've heard the joke before, "I could carry a fortnight's shopping under my eyes". If you've said that line before, hallefuckinglujah you're in the right place!
BBC Radio Cumbria journalist Steven Bell said that there was a "major risk" that two electricity substations could flood
English whisky? We are in Scotland, right? To be precise we're at the Roxburghe Hotel, a country house hotel near Kelso and checking the bar menu for a drink before dinner. And there it is... an English whisky. And a Scottish vodka, a Bulgarian vodka, Indian, Japanese and Swedish whiskies, and a range of Scottish gins.
The organisers of an annual community event have been criticised for allowing an "offensive and insensitive" Jimmy Savile
School summer holidays in Scotland start end of June. We have six weeks to fill with fun things to keep the children occupied. First short break of our summer holidays we loaded up the car, and headed down to Kelso, for a two night stay at The Roxburghe Hotel.
Waking up to the sound of your local radio station can be a pleasant and relaxing way to begin the day. But not yesterday