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It was apparent some time ago that Scottish Labour will perform poorly in the upcoming Holyrood election in May, and some recent polls have even shown them trailing behind the Conservatives. This in a country where Labour used to be the dominating force and regularly sent over 40 MPs south to Westminster...
A pro-choice campaign group has raised concerns over devolving abortion laws to Scotland because of a lack of "considered
A row has erupted between the SNP and the London-based press over claims by a Buckingham Palace source that Scotland would
The immediate need is for a roadmap which enables Westminster to honour the promises made in the independence debate. That the Commission has delivered.
I'm currently rereading Catch 22 and, in doing so, have come to realise that the Smith Commission on Scottish devolution - which meets on October 22 for the first time - finds itself in a position with certain parallels to that of Captain Yossarian in his efforts to avoid military service...
I woke up strangely invigorated on Friday morning (on my sofa after one hour's sleep) because, as a longtime advocate of Devo Max for Scotland - which I would describe as self-governance in every area except fiscal policy, British Constitutional Politics, international diplomacy, international development, and national security - my fight had finally arrived.
I'm more than willing and ready to stand corrected, but I just can't get past the fact that so much of the yes debate has an underlying thread of Anti English Anti establishment running throughout it, and if Scotland does gain independence, how long before the same people who are so anti Westminster are equally disillusioned with their own government at Holyrood?
On Newsnight on Thursday, musician and activist Billy Bragg took on columnist Peter Hitchens on what it means to be English
Former prime minister Gordon Brown has called for a "fairer deal" for Scotland, but urged people not to break up the union
David Cameron pledged the Tories would deliver "real devolution" for Scotland's communities - just as his party had delivered