scottish indepedence

As Scots to prepare to vote for Thursday's independence referendum, the BBC's correspondent Christian Fraser reported to
Scottish independence could lead to another UK housing market crash that wipes £31,000 off the average house price in Scotland
Scottish independence risks leaving Scottish consumers with bigger energy bills as companies are forced to pass on the extra
Independence could leave Scotland in a "financial mess" as it suffers the "wholesale relocation" of financial activity away
Scottish investment giant Standard Life has been reportedly looking at buying a possible headquarters in London in the event
The coalition has been accused of being "patronising and stupid" for putting out a 12 point list on why Scots should vote
Scottish independence would damage the "certainty and stability" needed for investment, the boss of defence giant BAE Systems
Scottish independence could leave the country £5 billion better off in 15 years' time without having to raise taxes, according
For Alex Salmond's part, he still clearly has his sights set on a debate with David Cameron, which would fit perfectly with a narrative of 'Scottish Government versus Westminster Government'. Only after Cameron has agreed to this, or else exited the debate altogether, will Salmond debate a "substitute" such as Alistair Darling.
When I heard about the beginning of the consultation on minimum pricing for alcohol, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Is it good or bad? All is not as straightforward as it seems.