At the SNP conference in Glasgow two weeks ago, Nicola Sturgeon unveiled the latest chapter in the never ending story that
As negotiations with Europe begin, we have to ask ourselves if we want to be the United Kingdom of UKIP, or the outward-looking, tolerant country that at least 48% of us thought we were. Because the way things have gone since the referendum, financially and socially, I am far more than 52% sure that we are on the wrong track.
I'm a proud Scot as well as a Brit, and I fear that when I get my new passport with the Greatest Englishman on every single page, it's going to annoy me every time I look at it. And I'm a 'No' voter.
Alex Salmond still isn't letting this one go A BBC spokesman responded to the claims, saying: “As we said at the time, we
Nicola Sturgeon demanded a dedicated BBC channel for Scotland on Thursday in response to the “ill-informed” coverage from
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The SNP must stop manoeuvring for a second independence referendum "that implies people were too stupid to get the answer
I'm currently rereading Catch 22 and, in doing so, have come to realise that the Smith Commission on Scottish devolution - which meets on October 22 for the first time - finds itself in a position with certain parallels to that of Captain Yossarian in his efforts to avoid military service...
Mark Carney stood ready to flood the financial markets with millions of pounds in extra emergency funding if Scotland voted
I woke up strangely invigorated on Friday morning (on my sofa after one hour's sleep) because, as a longtime advocate of Devo Max for Scotland - which I would describe as self-governance in every area except fiscal policy, British Constitutional Politics, international diplomacy, international development, and national security - my fight had finally arrived.