Scottish Independence

David Cameron and Ed Miliband shared a rare moment of unity in the Commons on Wednesday as they pledged to fight for the
This week has been full of drama and it's barely even halfway through! As depicted in my cartoon, Westminster and the SNP have had a war of words over Scottish Independence.
With Alex Salmond announcing that his government has a mandate to hold a referendum on Scottish independence in 2014, the next few years look set to be the most important in 300 years of union.
Alex Salmond struck a slightly more conciliatory tone regarding a Scottish independence referendum on Wednesday morning, suggesting
More than half of Scottish voters want to remain in the United Kingdom, according to a poll released today. Some 54 per cent
It was the coalition’s quietest u-turn yet. On Sunday, Westminster were going to impose a deadline of 18 months on the referendum
Plans to give Holyrood temporary powers for a legally binding referendum on Scottish independence will be set out by the
The issue of when Scotland should hold a referendum has been simmering away for months, but David Cameron's intervention
David Cameron has indicated he will force a referendum on Scottish independence "sooner rather than later" and accused Alex
Scots have shown a "hunger" for more powers, according to Alex Salmond. In his new year message, the first minister said