Scottish Nationalist Party

The parties and their policies are certainly not all the same. And I do think you should vote if you can. Because, apart from anything else, voting is like making any other choice in life. Sometimes, you've just got to look at the information on offer, hope for the best and put your faith in someone.
Spurred on by Scots rejecting independence in yesterday's referendum, Ukip is aiming to break through into the Scottish Parliament
As the Scottish referendum draws near, people may wonder how independence would affect their nationality. Would you still
Scottish independence could undermine the level of foreign investment in Scotland, which new figures indicate has reached
Scottish voters should get to decide on if independent Scotland remains part of the European Union, a former leader of the
Scottish independence could be a "bit of a nightmare" for the energy industry that could see companies forced to pass on
Meanwhile, another just quipped: "Kermit. Another cold slimy green union supporter." Another launched into a strongly put
Writing shortly before another Scottish referendum in 1979, William McIlvanney looked back on four years of debate about devolution, "where every quibble was a Russian doll of other quibbles". "Passion", he judged, "was neutered by boredom". He could have been describing the remarkably similar debate that has gripped Scottish (and to a lesser extent UK) politics since May 2011...
Pensions and savings are increasingly central to Scotland's independence debate. Today you will hear more about them at the SNP's conference. The Scottish Government's much trailed pensions paper was eagerly anticipated. Finally answers to the difficult questions would be forthcoming, we were told. A blueprint for unwinding Scotland from a UK pensions system built up over generations was expected. It didn't happen.
There was a historic shift in the independence debate this week - but you might not have noticed it. The row of the last few days has focused on the gap between what the SNP Government says in public about the affordability of an oil fund and what their economic advisers told them in private. As important as the issues of trust raised by this affair were, the really significant consequence of this week's debate is the SNP's admission that all oil taxes are used to fund current spending.