Scottish referendum date

Davies' call was endorsed by former Tory deputy chairman Lord Ashcroft, who said it was "hard to argue" with his position
Leaving the UK would create "a number of costs and uncertainties" for business with "fewer, more uncertain benefits", according
Alex Salmond spent nearly £20,000 trying to hide the fact that the Scottish government did not take any independent legal
David Cameron has insisted that he is not scared of a TV showdown with the Scottish First Minister in the run up to next
The next 18 months will be the most exciting in Scotland's history as the country prepares to vote in the independence referendum
Alex Salmond is not a Scot made of the dour Gordon Brown-cloth, but an altogether gregarious politician, boasting eyebrows
Scotland's first minister, Alex Salmond, has announced that the country's independence referendum will take place on Thursday
Alex Salmond will announce the date of the Scottish independence referendum vote on Thursday no doubt boosting feelings of
Scotland's first minister, Alex Salmond, will announce the date for the country's independence referendum on Thursday, in