Scottish referendum

So my lofty prediction for the 2015 election? The Tories are going to be the clear winners, probably by at least 30 seats, may well be more, could possibly be a lot more. Best bet is that they'll be going into another coalition with the Lib Dems.
Regardless of where we stand in terms of British nationalism, separation, and independence, we all have an interest in the British Isles remaining a peaceful, tolerant, and progressive place
Let me take you back. It's September 2014 and David Cameron faces the very real prospect of being the Prime Minister who oversaw the demise of the United Kingdom...
The UK as a country on the world stage is "undoubtedly" on the back foot, the director of an independent international affairs
Sir John Major's prediction of "mayhem" if Labour come to power with support by Scottish nationalists provoked a furious
My generation desperately needs something to believe in and vision for a better future than we have now. Young people up and down the UK are slogging hour after hour for a minimum wage that still varies depending on your age.
Nicola Sturgeon's refusal to rule out a second Scottish referendum could have a "paralysing effect" on the economy, Nick
David Cameron has come out firmly against a fresh referendum on Scottish independence after next year's Holyrood elections
Alex Salmond’s account of last year’s Scottish referendum was described on Friday as “the longest exercise in literary masturbation
Labour have failed to learn the lessons of the referendum and the previous two Holyrood elections, and in doing so they are depriving millions of Scots of any real hope of change. Saying they are "sorry" and "have changed", just doesn't cut it any more.