I've not always felt like this. When discussing what to buy our nine year old for his last birthday, my husband pitched for a basic laptop computer. My response was "No bloody way! He'll have wholesome construction toys, craft materials and books - stuff that makes him think".
Though a long tradition it is one that has been proved wrong so many times and perhaps represents a greater threat to our future well-being than the technologies of which it is so fearful.
The trend is pretty clear - in the future displays aren't just going to be little square things in front of a keyboard or
The issues with our connection is the concept that we can't detach from being constantly 'Plugged In'. Advice on living the virtual world? It is almost impossible for some, and to escape it now is to be excluded from a social and business part of the generation we live in.
Samsung's new highly expensive, but highly cool, range of 4K Ultra HD TVs have now finally arrived in the UK. The South Korean
LG has unveiled what it claims is the "world's thinnest" full HD LCD screen for smartphones. The 5.3-inch panel is just 2.2mm
A screen made from the membrane of a soap bubble has become the world's thinnest display, researchers have said. The team