You should stare down seagulls to save your chips, research has found. A new study by the University of Exeter discovered that seagulls are less likely to steal food when they’re being stared at. Researchers found that the birds took 21 seconds longer on average to steal chips while they were being watched.
The RSPCA is appealing for witnesses to come forward.
A pensioner has been held prisoner in her own home for three days by a flock of seagulls. Barbara Cox had been hanging out
An irate avian forced the total evacuation of a supermarket in Cornwall on Tuesday evening as shoppers looked on in horror
"There has been a massive emergence of the ants over the last three days and they are like little treats for the gulls. They are like M&Ms to them."
Britons have been warned to stay alert due to an unusually high number of seagulls “tripping on acid” after eating flying
A pioneering YouGov poll has discovered that Brits are more fond of one type of bird over another type. The renowned pollster