seamus heaney

So, somewhere in Australia, there's a bird staring at its own reflection in a window.
I can never sleep on Sunday nights. I've tried it all - within reason. Dimmed lights. Extinguished screens. Abandoning 'real' coffee for decaff, from midway through the afternoon. Music. Relaxation exercises - learned strategies of breath.
Seamus Heaney was a poet to the end. Let us take from his example a little courage, and a little Latin.
There were a number of news items that caught my attention this week: the vote in parliament on "intervening" in Syria; the anniversary of the March on Washington; and the passing of the great Irish Poet Laureate Seamus Heaney.
In my final year, I took a terrifying chance. Ever generous to students and young writers, Seamus Heaney offered to meet students for half-hour one-to-one tutorials, discussing poetry and the craft of how to write.
I was lucky enough to know Seamus Heaney; to interview him and even spend time with him and his wife, Maire.
World-renowned poet Seamus Heaney has died, his family have confirmed. The Nobel Laureate, who was 74, had been in hospital
Northern Irish Nobel Prize-winning poet Seamus Heaney will be among an array of international and local talent featured during