sean rigg

Sean Rigg died in 2008 after he was held in Brixton Police station.
An independent investigation into people who die in police custody could turn out to just be "a PR exercise," a campaigning
Bell says there has been progress in overcoming stigma. A poll for HuffPost UK found 84% of Britons regard depression as
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To mitigate these risks, we need better training for specialists, more mental health nurses in police stations and independent mental health advocacy available to patients. More fundamentally, we need to end the stigmatisation of the mentally ill. Our vulnerable loved ones need people who care both in the community and in state settings.
Our criminal justice system has long discriminated against those who have lost family members at the hands of the police. Instead of being recognised as victims, such families are victimised from the very first meeting with the police onwards.
"There's no justice! There's JUST US!" "In order to not charge George Zimmerman they had to criminalize Trayvon Martin!" "They
In addition to a need for education around mental health there also needs to be a level of care administrated by the police. Arresting and restraining people comes with responsibility, and death should not be an outcome.
An inquest jury has resumed its deliberations in the case of a schizophrenic who died in police custody. Sean Rigg, a physically