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He thought Melissa McCarthy could "dial back a little", though he found the show "really funny".
In the latest extraordinary exchange in the White House during Donald Trump’s brief tenure, new Press Secretary Sean Spicer
The controversy over illegal voting in the US election took a bizarre new twist today, when press spokesman Sean Spicer claimed
One of the most extraordinary of many memorable events of the first few days of President Trump has been the escalation, rather than the diminution, of his battle with the media. These confrontations may be taking place in Washington and may appear so ludicrous that it is tempting to ignore them. But there are key implications for anyone who is contact with the press and TV in the UK, as well as on the other side of the Atlantic.
Following this week's huge controversy over inauguration crowd sizes, a new media storm has erupted over hand sizes, with
Spokesman effectively says President's a conspiracy theorist.
On Monday night, President Donald Trump was reported to have told leaders in Washington that he lost the popular vote in
As hundreds of thousands of people march against Trump's election, one of the first rebuttals from Trump supporters is that the president was democratically elected, and there is no basis for protesting a democratic result.
The special relationship between Britain and the US “can always be closer”, the White House has said, as it’s revealed Donald
Donald Trump’s under-fire Press Secretary has continued to argue the new President’s inauguration was the most-watched in
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