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It is both right and proper that stringent measures should be put in place to put an end to child pornography online. But Vince Cable's reactionary plan for Google and other search engines to police content in the wake of the convictions of Mark Bridger and Stuart Hazell is at best oversimplifying a very complex issue and at worst, a cynical ploy to absolve the coalition government of any immediate responsibility.
Google has released a real-time visualisation of everything the Internet is searching for, as it happens. The neat online
Google appears to have officially recognised Palestine as a separate country. In a small change to its website, the search
If you were looking for the next fresh sound in hip-hop, you might turn to Google. But if you did, we'd wager you'd be using
Social media behemoth Facebook has announced at a "mystery event" that it is creating its own search engine. Speaking from
In August Google promised media organisations that it would take significant steps to downgrade the rankings of pirate sites
Google is celebrating its birthday - with digital cake. The search giant filed for incorporation on September 4, 1998, but
I hope you've managed to get past the clumsy headline for this piece, it being my (doomed) attempt to harvest more clicks from the wilds of the internet through the dark arts of what sharp-suited people are calling Search Engine Optimisation. And the Lord above knows how I need to boost my brand, after than nasty business with the bus full of nuns.
In September last year, Google acquired restaurants review company Zagat in a deal worth $114 million. It followed this with its $700 million acquisition of ITA Software, the leading travel software and database provider in July 2010.