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Lord Coe endured a difficult interview with Jon Snow on Monday, the president of the International Association of Athletics
Daniel Radcliffe may be a dab hand at Quidditch but he's hardly famed for his sporting prowess, however, the 'Harry Potter
Cherie Blair played a crucial role in securing the 2012 Olympics for Britain at the expense of rivals France by cornering
Lord Coe today hit out at the British press for "resorting to type" by allowing England's football win bump the Paralympics
Former home secretary David Blunkett has personally written to Olympic chief Lord Coe after he was turned away from his seat
Boris Johnson and Lord Coe spent Monday basking in success of the Olympic Games, prompting questions over the political future
Funding for Olympic sports has been guaranteed until the 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro, David Cameron has announced. UK Sport
The Great Britain team claimed two more gold medals today putting it on course to make the London 2012 Games the best for
So here it is, seven years of blood, sweat and tears have come down to this: the greatest show on Earth has arrived.
So what does the Olympics mean to me and my friends? In a word absolutely nothing, except extreme inconvenience, loss of income and a complete lack of interest in anything to do with promoting the insufferable Sebastian Coe's career on the world stage.