second child

The author of "Go The F*ck To Sleep" is back – and has plenty to swear about.
I won't have done everything twice, or three times over. I won't have more than one experience of pregnancy, labour, childbirth - everything that entails bringing a small human into the world. Sometimes, having one child I am made to feel like I have it easy when I have heard comments such as 'Well, at least you only have one!" Does that make it easier? Really?
I wish more people thought more before throwing the baby question around. If the person you are talking to wants to discuss their family plans with you, I am pretty certain they will likely bring it up first.
It's not that I don't want more babies. I definitely definitely do. But, and this is a big takes slightly more effort for the woman to bring a baby into the world than a man.
I'm sorry you've already watched more TV than your big brother, and you're two years younger. And that I'm both proud and slightly mortified that your first word is Peppa (the Pig, not the condiment).
The day I had my second son, I remember sitting in the hospital cafe - on a break from continually circumnavigating the building trying to get things moving - I tearfully asked my husband, 'What if I don't have enough love for this baby?' 'What if my heart is already full?'
When I had my first baby I was one of THOSE purists. My child was never going to watch TV, he would never eat anything that wasn't home made or organic, and he certainly would never ever grace the doors of McDonalds despite his mothers love of all things Big Mac shaped. Then I had my second child.
I have secondary infertility, in other words I had fertility issues after my first child was born. She is now six. After five and a half years of numerous procedures, operations, four rounds of IVF, a miscarriage and ending up with a fairy godmother surrogate, I got my happy ending, my complete family.
We have one child. We're not going to have any more. It was a rough ride trying to become a family and we've suffered many losses, most of them before we had our incredible little boy. We're extremely content as a family and if anything our sad experiences have made us all the more grateful that we get to be parents at all.
Mesmerised by the second child and totally drawn in. And I didn't love Anna any less. Phew! There isn't a finite amount of emotion in me. Or at least I hadn't reached the limit yet. I'm pretty apathetic about most things so it's quite possible I have some saved up over the years.