secondary breast cancer

I'm coming up to my tenth 'cancerversary' and have been fighting this bugger on and off for a quarter of my life. So you can imagine my surprise when I woke on a Friday a few weeks ago with a funny eye, it felt very dry and grainy.
I'm at a very tough stage as the cancer recently spread further in my bones and liver and also took up residency in my lungs again. Add to that the fact that my body is so weak from constant chemotherapy for over a year, the need to control the cancer is more vital than ever. If this current chemotherapy doesn't work, my options become very limited.
Secondary breast cancer is the overshadowed big sister of primary breast cancer. It occurs when cancer cells spread from
Mostly I feel desperately sad about leaving my husband who I love to bits. He is such a wonderful man, yet he will be widowed so young. I feel terribly guilty for the pain that my cancer inflicts on people that love me.
In March 2005 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. They told me it was secondary breast cancer because it had already spread to my liver and lungs. If the treatment went well, I would have years, not months, but unlike women diagnosed with primary breast cancer, I could never be cured.