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Moreover, by being able to intelligently monitor keystroke activity, both online and offline, allowing visibility of conversations or content being created in chatrooms, documents and messaging apps, schools can create smart and safe profiles of its pupils.
If it's difficult for us to discern the difference between fact, opinion and outright mistruths, just think how hard it is for our children. They are constantly subjected to this and, given the impact of social media, more intensely than we were at their age
We made sure that she lived that particular Christmas just as a ten-year old should, blissfully and carefree. Still, I lay awake fretting over what I was about to put her through - my child who was so young she still wanted to believe in Santa. My gut knew that this 11+ circus was ridiculous, but I was a clown on a tricycle chasing all the others round and round that ring.
Between private and comprehensive schools, grammar schools sit a little uncomfortably, like an awkward and overlooked middle child. But now that Theresa May has given the go-ahead on the creation of new ones, they've been thrust under the spotlight, and the national media seems to have a lot to say about them.
Very few of us make enough time to sleep in our lives- even if we can. Almost all of us are sleep deprived. Of course some of us don't have any choice: people in health and emergency services, long-haul airline pilots, and families with young babies (especially if they sleep as little my son Toby did!).
October: Autumn leaves, pumpkins, and applying for secondary school places. Which school will you choose for your year 6 son or daughter? Do you really have much choice at all? And will it really matter anyway in the long-run?
It's a shock when you get the letter saying your child hasn't been offered a place at the secondary school you set your heart
To keep up with the world as it stands in 2015, students must have a broader historical education than they have ever had before, with a much greater focus on understanding the world around them right now.
It's a vicious circle. Young people are increasingly depressed by their dwindling life prospects and they simply don't trust politicians. Meanwhile, their low voter turnout gives politicians little reason to gear significant pledges towards their prosperity.
The cross-cultural perspective of Anthropology aims to stretch as widely as possible across the world to examine the fundamental truths we rest on. It allows us to ask, is religion a universal human phenomenon? Are humans selfish by default? Can large societies function without a state? Is there such a thing as a universal moral code?