secondary schools

My son is in Year 6, so my diary for the next few weeks is full to bursting with open mornings, open days and open evenings for the local schools we're looking at. It's a huge decision to be making, especially if this is your first child to reach secondary age - one that could impact their life (and yours) quite significantly.
Teaching isn't easy, and it's getting harder as ministers and parents decide they know best, but teachers will carry on. They'll strive and sweat and do their best and they will change more lives and they'll be remembered in years to come when dreams they helped to build come true.
Inspirational, quality teaching is one of the topics I present to the UK's department of education along with cyber bullying, raising standards, bringing programming and code into the curriculum, academies, the rise of male teachers and more.
Police are looking into "thoughtless and extremely foolish" remarks about immigrant children by a former Conservative Party
We must ask ourselves what we are trying to achieve by educating in the arts. Are we growing recital-bots, who store Western culture's greatest hits on some internal Dictaphone, to be replayed on request at interviews and after-dinner appearances? Probably. But no culture swot is complete without a Fellini to his Flaubert. He just doesn't know it yet.
Tens of thousands of England's poorest families are missing out on additional support for their children, a report into school
The government will no longer "put up" with failing primary schools. Those are the words of prime minister David Cameron
Campaigners will call on the Government tomorrow to ensure that every child has access to a good school library. They are
Eight years ago Burlington Danes was failing and put into special measures. Now, under the remarkably performance-focused leadership of Sally Coates, results are rocketing and last year it was nominated for the TES "Outstanding School of the Year" award.
The Common Entrance English exam assesses a child's ability to critically think about new, never seen before, passages. They'll have to think on their feet, read the passage and then qualitatively describe what the piece is about. Not an easy task.