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The coalition government has much to answer for since 2010. Yet what seems to escape almost all notice is their relentless attacks on the very fabric of British democracy. The conventional guarantee against totalitarianism in any democratic society is the Rule of Law, separation of powers, and public access to legitimate scrutiny of executive action. This was arguably a well-founded existence in Britain, until recently.
One of the UK's most senior judges has slammed a Supreme Court decision to sit in secret for the first time, calling it an
Last night I ... tuned into the BBC's coverage of the House of Lords debate on the Justice and Security Bill via Democracy Live's excellent website. (Yeah, I know, online parliamentary debates are the new rock 'n' roll). Anyway, here's the short version of what happened: the government won, human rights lost.
Philippe Sands QC, a leading lawyer and former adviser to Nick Clegg, has quit the Lib Dems over the party leadership's support
Nick Clegg has suffered a stinging defeat after Liberal Democrat activists overwhelmingly rejected so-called secret courts
Civil liberties campaigners have vowed to continue fighting the government's plans to hold secret court hearings for cases
The ten things you need to know on Monday 4 March 2013... 1) REVOLT OF THE 'NATIONAL UNION OF MINISTERS' From the Times splash
Ministers are braced for a new Commons battle over controversial plans for secret court hearings in sensitive national security
Last week, lawyers for the police were partly successful in pushing a case concerning what has been described as the "sexual and psychological abuse of campaigners for social justice ... by undercover police officers" into a secret tribunal, from which little if any evidence of just how this was allowed to happen will emerge.
Ken Clarke has defended his plans to expand secret courts in the wake of a series of heavy defeats in the House of Lords
Human rights groups have furiously condemned "kafkaesque" plans by cabinet minister Ken Clarke over secret court legislation
Plans for secret hearings in civil courts are "overkill", a senior government adviser warned today as he said changes to
In November of 2010, Cameron took a little visit to China. During that visit he spoke to them about human rights and made